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Welcome to the GUS Canada Colleges Online English Test

This test is designed to measure your understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and phrasing, and give you a general idea of your English language level. Once you complete the test, you will get an email with your preliminary GCAS English level, which will be confirmed by your English Interview.

What to expect:

  • There are 50 questions.
  • Read each question carefully and choose the best answer.
  • You will have 50 minutes to finish the test.
Student Advisor/Agency

Part One

Please complete the following section of the test by choosing the correct word or phrase from the multiple choice options. Only one answer is correct.

Miranda: Hi Henry. ___ a good weekend?

A) Did you have B) Do you have  C) You have

Henry: Hi Miranda. Yes it was good, but I always feel tired ___ Mondays because...

A) in B) on  C) at

...I usually ___ sports/exercises on Sunday night.

A) do B) make  C) practise

I usually do my homework, but I didn't do it last night, so I ___ it now.

A) am doing B) do  C) does

Miranda: You need to hurry. The class starts ___ eight o’clock! Why didn’t you do it last night?

A) on  B)  in   C)  at

Henry: I ___ too busy yesterday.

A)  am B)  was C)  were

Miranda: Oh I understand. There was a lot of homework. I finished mine because I'm going to Montreal this weekend. It'll be my first time. I ___ very happy today!

A) be B) am  C) was D) is

Henry: I love Montreal. I ___ there once a month to visit my cousin Lucy.

A) am going B) go C) to go

Miranda: I think Montreal is ___ expensive than Toronto.

A) more B) very  C) to

Henry: Yes that’s true. I still prefer Montreal, but Lucy ___.

A) does B) doesnt  C) dont D) do

___ favourite city in Canada is Toronto.

A) She's  B) Her C) Hers

___ have everything for your trip?

A) Do you B) Have you  C) Are you

Miranda: Yes. You should come with me! There are ___ tickets left, so if you hurry, you can get one.

A) much B) a lot  C) many

Henry: ___ are you travelling?

A) How  B) Which C) What

Miranda: I’m taking the bus. I ___ like buses but I love Montreal.

A) doesn't B) no C) don't
Please complete all options before continuing.

Part Two

Please complete the following section of the test by choosing the correct word or phrase from the multiple choice options. Only one answer is correct.

Anabel: Hi Josh! I'm so excited! I'm just going to book a holiday to Asia. Josh: Oh great. I have ___ to Asia before, so I can help you with recommendations about what to visit.

A) be B) going C) been D) went

Anabel: Oh really? Did you ___ anywhere nice?

A) go B) going C) gone D) went

Josh: Yes. I ___ to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand 5 years ago.

A) went B) gone C) go D) going

I think it is the ___ island in Thailand.

A) nicer B) more C) nicest D) nice

Also, ___ June, the weather is perfect.

A) in B) on C) at D) for

Anabel: Oh OK. ___ is my journey there?

A) How long B) How far C) How many D) How long way

Josh: I’m not sure. I’ll ___ on the internet to find out...

A) look B) to look  C) to looking  D) looking

...but I think you ___ to get a flight and then a boat, so you need about a day.

A) have B) must C) should D) can

Anabel: Wow. That's far. Anyway, I’m sure I ___ a great time.

A) will have B) have C) are having

I ___ to China in 2003 and it was amazing.

A) have been B) have went C) went

Josh: I would like to go with you, but I don’t have ___ money at the moment...

A) no B) any C) many D) some

... I am trying to ___ money to buy a car.

A) save B) waste C) spend D) lend

Anabel: Aww cool.___ excited?

A) Are you B) Have you C) Do you D) Will you

Josh: I guess. I am nervous, I'm going to ___ my driving test next week. I hope I pass Anabel.

A) go B) take C) fail D) get

I haven't done ___ practice, so wish me Good Luck Anabel.

A) many B) very C) a lot of D) a lot
Please complete all options before continuing.

Part Three

Please complete the following section of the test by choosing the correct word or phrase from the multiple choice options. Only one answer is correct.

Interviewer: Hello, ___ we started the interview right now?

A) would you mind if B) could  C) do you mind D) may

Interviewer: You’re French, ___ ?

A) isn't it B) aren't you C) don't you D) you are

Famous Person: Yes, I am. But my family ___ here in Canada since 1980.

A) has been B) are C) were D) got

I love Paris – it is the most beautiful city I’ve ___ been to, and also, nobody knows I am famous in Canada so I have privacy there.

A) never B) ever C) already D) still

Interviewer: And can you speak French? Famous Person: No, however, I always carry my French phrase book ___ I need it.

A) unless B) providing C) as D) in case

If I don’t know how to say something, I can ___.

A) get it up B) point it out C) look it up D) come up with it

Or, if I can't find it, I usually ask someone to ___ me a favour and help me.

A) do B) make C) give D) help

Interviewer: But visiting France so much, you ___ need to depend on a phrasebook!

A) have B) haven't C) shouldn't

Famous Person: Yes, I know. My friend ___ me one-to-one French classes.

A) offered B) invited C) suggested

She ___ me that it would help.

A) told B) spoke C) said D) told to

Interviewer: Yes, I think your friend is right. So tell me about your life in Toronto. Famous Person: Well, just the other day, I ___ down the street and some crazy paparazzi started chasing me!

A) was walking B) walk C) have walked D) have been walking

I don’t know where ___ without being recognised.

A) can I go B) I can go C) go I D) I go

Also, a lot of untrue stories ___ about me in the papers.

A) publish B) have been published C) have published D) are published

Interviewer: Perhaps you ___ move back to France.

A) had better B) needn't  C) should D) supposed to

Famous Person: Yes, maybe. Well, I’m ___ now, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to stop this interview and go to my hotel room to rest.

A) exhaust B) exhausting C) exhausted D) exhaustion
Please complete all options before continuing.

Part Four

Please complete the following section of the test by choosing the correct word or phrase from the multiple choice options. Only one answer is correct.

Maria: Hi Albert. How’s it ___?

A) doing B) going C) making D) getting

Albert: Good thanks. Do you need help with that job you're doing? Maria: No it’s OK, but thanks___.

A) to offering  B) the offer C) you offer D) for offering

Maria: If you ___ it earlier, I would’ve accepted, but I’m almost finished now.

A) had offered B) offer C) have offered D) had offer

I used to enjoy ___ lots of things to do but I feel tired now.

A) having B) have C) to have  D) to having

I can't wait to go on vacation. This time next week, I will ___on a beach.

A) relaxed B) to relax C) relaxing D) be relaxing

Albert: Wow! That's nice. Well, don't forget ___ travel insurance if you're going abroad.

A) get B) to get C) to getting D) getting

These days, a lot of people ___ in accidents while on holiday.

A) are hurt B) will hurt C) would hurt  D) hurting

Maria: Yes, I agree. I ___ on the internet for a cheap deal but I haven't found one yet. Do you want to come with me?

A) have been looking B) looking C) will be looking D) had been looked

Albert: I’d like to, but I can’t. My brother needs ___ to his house and feed his cats for a few days. He and his wife are taking a romantic holiday.

A) that I go B) me going C) me go D) me to go

But, if they ___ their holiday, I'll let you know.

A) will cancel B) cancel C) cancelled D) have cancelled

Maria: Cats are mysterious animals. ___ my advice.

A) Listen B) Make C) Take D) Do

Last time I looked after someone's cats I was ___ annoyed that I didn't want to see another cat for a long time!

A) many B) too C) so D) such

Albert: Oh dear! Maybe I ___ to help him.

A) should have refused B) must refuse C) couldn't refuse D) must have refused

Maria: Yeah, and what ___ me about cats is that they're very uncaring and independent! I definitely prefer dogs.

A) bore B) annoys C) hates D) dislikes

After just two days, I ___ trying to understand how to take care of this mysterious animals.

A) gave up B) gave off C) gave away D) gave in
Please complete all options before continuing.

Part Five

Please complete the following section of the test by choosing the correct word or phrase from the multiple choice options. Only one answer is correct.

The idea of a picnic in Toronto's Hyde Park really ___ to many people, but they should beware.

A) fancies B) attracts C) draws D) appeals

I wish I ___ tell you this story, but I want to warn everyone of the dangers of having picnics! One day, I decided to take my wife’s parents for a picnic in Hyde Park.

A) don't have to B) hadn't had to C) didn't have to D) needn't to

I remember ___ the weather report that morning, and the weather forecast was good, so we made lots of delicious food and champagne cocktails.

A) checking B) to check C) to checked D) to have checked

However, our plans suffered a ___ when they told us that they were on a diet...

A) backlash B) downturn C) setback D) breakdown

...and this ___ us the impression that they wanted healthy food instead of cake and champagne.

A) showed B) gave C) made D) had

They wouldn’t eat much of the cake ___.

A) however delicious it was B) however delicious was it  C) however delicious it may be D) however deliciously it was

As soon as we ___, it started raining, and we all had to run to stay dry.

A) have sat down B) sat down C) will have sad down D) would sit down

However, we didn’t have time to collect all the food and the picnic blanket, and, ___ the rain, the food was ruined.

A) as a result of B) because C) consequently D) despite

Trying to carry on with our picnic in such terrible conditions was ___.

A) out of touch B) beyond the reach C) off the point D) out of the question

They did not complain, ___ came as a surprise to us.

A) which B) who C) that D) what

If we had known that it was going to be such a disaster, we ___ it.

A) wouldn’t have done B) had not done C) have not done D) would not done

I ___ recommend never going for a picnic in Hyde Park with your in-laws...

A) strongly B) completely C) thoroughly D) somewhat

...___ you are sure of getting good weather.

A) if B) unless C) in case D) when

If everything goes well, your picnic will be ___ less stressful than ours.

A) considerably B) absolutely C) extremely D) totally

We want to have another picnic, but for some reason, we still haven't got ___ to it yet.

A) through B) off C) over  D) round
Please complete all options before continuing.

Part One: 12 correct out of 15
Part Two: 10 correct out of 15